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Lychee iPhone App

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Lychee Menstrual Reminders



Do a quick search on any app store for menstrual tracking or reminder apps and you will get dozens of pink and red apps with flower petals, overstuffed with features like mood icons and journal entries. Many of these apps require user accounts, collect personal information, and display irrelevant ads - forcing women to endure stereotypes and gimmicks just to manage a natural part of their lives.

Lychee Hero.png


Lychee was born out of a frustration with those types of apps. We wanted to make a simple, clean app that helps women track their menstrual cycle without feature bloat or clichéd design patterns.

We designed it so that it takes only one tap to log a cycle (many apps make this a multi-step process), and send a discreet reminder message before the next cycle arrives. When needed, past cycle history, trends, and future cycle predictions are provided for planning or medical purposes. Should the user forget to log a cycle for a month or two, Lychee automatically logs it and provides the user with the opportunity to edit it the next time the app is launched.


My Role

• User research, testing, and interaction design in collaboration with 3 other designers

• QA test planning and execution

• Visual design and conceptualization

• Responsive marketing website UI design & development

• Content strategy including web content, marketing, and privacy policy


Early Testing

We conducted user testing with an early low-fidelity prototype using InVision on a mobile phone. There were 6 testing sessions in all, half conducted in person and the other half remotely using Skype. Our testing revealed several insights that helped us shape a better version of the app, but there was one key insight that led us to make a major change.

In our prototype we had an "irregular mode" for women whose cycles are not regular. In this mode the app would not provide reminders, since they wouldn't be accurate. However, women in our testing group with irregular cycles said they would prefer to still have the reminders, despite the inaccuracies. Their feedback was that a guess was better than nothing, and would perhaps help them find patterns to their irregularities. This was not something anyone on our design team had considered. After further research we found that many women with irregular cycles felt this way.

We ended up removing the feature altogether, which not only made our users more satisfied with the app, but also simplified the design and reduced the development costs.


Lychee Prototype


Final UI Examples


App Store Reviews

The app was far from a smash hit, but our small user base was very pleased with our different approach:


This app is not cramped with useless features, but stuck to the basics, and did it in a very simple way and it is very easy to use.


Simple and straightforward. Track your period, nothing else...This app is perfect for its simplicity... I won't complain if it doesn't get more features. It's excellent already.


Useful, easy-to-read and navigate app without lots of clutter or childish girly images like other period apps. Highly recommend.

Marketing Website

I designed, authored, and developed the responsive marketing website for the app. The full retired website can be viewed here, with the following login info:

USERNAME: "lychee"
PASSWORD: "sweetandsimple"




I worked with Yujia Zhao, Xuan Wang, and Burr Walker to design and launch the Lychee app.