UX Design and Strategy

Agilent eRenewals

e-commerce web design and email strategy, 4 months

Agilent Online Contract Renewal


This case study reflects my views and not necessarily the views of the client. Confidential info has been omitted or obscured.


As a major provider of analytical instruments, instrument service contracts are a key offering for Agilent. However, at the time of this project the process to renew a contract could take weeks of phone calls and emails between customers and Agilent sales reps. This was inconvenient for customers and costly for Agilent.


My Role

• Executed entire UX process including discovery, concept generation, prototyping, UI and interaction design, and content strategy

• Remote facilitation of brainstorming, design critique, and UX process with client

• Full system and interaction design specifications for use by remote development team



The project had a condensed timeline, so for the discovery phase I relied on heuristic evaluation along with my own design analysis of the existing site. I worked with internal stakeholders to get at the core issues to address. This revealed two main underlying issues: 

1. The existing process required the customer to proactively anticipate the end of their service contracts, resulting in unwanted lapses in coverage.

2. The contracts themselves were complex and customers often didn't understand what was included in their service and what other options existed.



The client had some early concepts for how to move the renewal process online, but they were a bit rough around the edges and lacked a full end-to-end experience.

I built upon these concepts, brainstorming with the client until we arrived at a full renewal experience. It began with an email renewal prompt, and led the customer to a contract management portal with an intuitive view of their contract details, and self-serve contract renewal. 


Wireframe Examples

Agilent Wireframe 1.png
Agilent Wireframe 2.png

Design & Testing

Despite the short timeline, I was able to gather significant feedback from users and internal stakeholders using InVision prototypes. I iterated daily based on user and stakeholder feedback to quickly evolve the design to meet the client's tight deadline.

This lean design approach not only helped expedite the design process, but also allowed me to incorporate several last minute requirement changes.


High Fidelity Test Prototype



Despite the limited initial scope, nearly all the improvements I added to the design were approved and built. The result was a new service agreement portal where customers can manage and renew contracts. The system automatically sends timely renewal requests, and provides customers with a simple way to renew contracts online.

The new eRenewal system has increased customer satisfaction scores and significantly decreased the overhead of managing offline renewals. The "portal" design approach also provides Agilent with the foundation to evolve Agilent.com to include more valuable features in the future.