UX Design and Strategy


Call me Trimtab.
— R. Buckminster Fuller

UX Design Practitioner & Strategist with 9 years of experience and a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction Design from Indiana University. I have worked on projects large and small with many companies including Western Digital, Disney, Adobe, Symantec, NetApp, Agilent, Entertainment Partners, & Shutterfly.

I co-wrote The UX Learner’s Guidebook with my wife and fellow UX Designer, Yujia Zhao.

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Some Ringing Endorsements


Chad is one of the best designers I've worked with over the last 15 years...He balances the cost of design, business goals, and user needs better than anyone else I know...In addition to being able to confidently express design rationale, Chad is an incredible listener. He's the designer that I would trust with complicated problem setting and managing complex outcomes. He can perceive intent and unravel problems that come from the assumptions others make in the design process.
- Matt Snyder, Sr. Director of User Experience, Lucid Software


In addition to his design chops, Chad is a deftly skilled manager of people. In parallel to his innate ability to empathize with users, he has an innate ability to connect with and motivate the people around him. Chad knows how to design and manage a product, build a team, and efficiently take any project from wireframe to launch. Chad is one of the most genuine people I know and any company would be fortunate to have him on their team!
- Morgan Russell, Sr. UX Designer at Amazon


Having been on the same team as him at both Symantec and Western Digital, I can honestly say there is no one else I would rather work next to than Chad. He is a passionate and driven designer who is able to see both the big picture as well as deal with the messiness of minutiae. He also has the kind of personality that instills a sense of pride and responsibility in a team...If Chad's not working with or for you, you're doing something wrong. Hire this man.
- Burr Walker, Lead UX Designer at Western Digital